Tips For Keeping Your New Four-Wheel-Drive Parts Secure

If you are looking at Toyota trucks for sale and are ready to invest in custom parts and upgrades for your four-wheel-drive truck, you should prioritize security features to protect your investment. Automotive accessories are expensive, and they are prime targets for theft, so the more proactive you can be, the less risk you'll face of losing what you've worked so hard to create. Here are a few important security additions you should consider as you start planning out your truck upgrades.

Locking Lug Nuts

Whether you're just upgrading your rims or you're investing in larger, off-road capable tires as well, both can be targets for thieves. Quality rims and large-sized tires can bring in a lot of money in the resale market and they're relatively easy to steal with a jack, jack stands, and the right sockets. Standard lug nuts require no special intervention at all to remove, other than a little bit of muscle.

Investing in locking lug nuts can actually reduce this risk. Locking lug nuts are just what they sound like — they lock onto the wheel lug, requiring a key to unlock them before they can be removed. Keeping the key on your key ring reduces the chances that anyone can steal your tires. You don't need to replace all of the lug nuts with locking ones, either. You can buy one for each wheel — that's all it takes to keep your wheel on. When you buy, don't forget to get one for your spare as well. That way, you don't have to worry about it vanishing, either.

Skid Plates With Locking Bolts

If you're upgrading the suspension or lifting your truck, that puts some other high-value parts in easy reach for would-be thieves. The best way to protect your suspension and undercarriage components is to install skid plates that cover the entire underside of the truck. Secure them with locking bolts like the locking lug nuts to keep anyone from removing them without permission.

As an added bonus, investing in skid plates will also make your truck more capable on the trail because you'll have an extra layer of protection between the ground and your truck's important components, like the transfer case, gas tank, and oil pan.

Security Bolts For Your Winch Mount

If you're adding a winch bumper and a new winch, you might think that the winch is far too heavy to be a target for theft. Unfortunately, since winches are valuable, they're still sometimes stolen. Security bolts are constructed out of carbon steel and feature a unique bolt head that requires a special tool to remove them. You replace the standard mounting bolts with these to ensure that nobody can take the winch off the mounting plate without your key.

Bolt-In Security Box

Most every off-road driver keeps a tool and supply box in the bed of the truck. If you're looking to stock up for those potential emergencies, make sure the box you invest in bolts securely to the bed. Also, look for one that includes a double-locking feature so that it can't be easily broken into.

If you can replace the mounting bolts with locking bolts, that gives you even more security. You may even want to consider a weld-in box that bolts to the bed and then secures with a weld bead around the base. That permanently affixes it to the truck bed so it can't be removed.

The more proactive you can be when you upgrade your truck, the safer your new parts are going to be. Talk with your off-road parts supplier today to see what kinds of options will be a good fit for your new rig.