Bad Credit Car Lots: What To Expect For Car Inventory

If you know you have bad credit and you need a car, you could always go to one of those bad credit car lots. However, you might also be wary of doing so. Having never been in this position before, you might be worried about what kind of car you will get. You may even picture a rusted out bucket of bolts. Nothing could be further from the truth. Here is what you can expect for car inventory on a bad credit car lot.

Used Cars

Yes, it is true, there are more used cars on a bad credit car lot than there are on a regular dealer's lot. Yet, most of these used cars are still in very nice condition, and very rarely are any of them older than a decade. A majority of them are not more than five years old, since they were either driven by dealers or they were trade-ins for new cars. Mileage is often less than fifty thousand miles. All of the cars receive a thorough inspection before being offered to the public.

New Cars

These lots may have some new cars as well. If your credit is not as bad as you thought it was, you may be able to get financing for one of the new cars on the lot. Special financing in-house can help you get a new car when your credit score is 700 or better.

Clean but Used Cars

These are the cars most people imagine when the words "bad credit car lot" are said. These cars are older models, with lots of miles, but they are clean and run well. Some features may not run at all anymore, such as the air conditioning, but the car operates just fine when you need a vehicle to drive. Those with extremely poor credit can expect to purchase a "clean but used" vehicle with the financing these dealerships offer.


You really do not need bad credit financing for this type of car. Most of them sell for two thousand dollars or less, but they will need some repair work. Bad credit auto lots do not typically offer loans on these vehicles either because the cars are so old and/or in rough operational shape. If you can pull enough money together to buy one of these, you will not need the financing. You may even be able to haggle the price down a little as bad credit car lots want to get rid of these. They know what they can get from a salvage yard and would rather sell them instead.