Signs Your Old Aluminum Flatbed Car Trailer Is Unsafe To Use

If you regularly haul cars using an old aluminum flatbed trailer, you may start to wonder whether or not your trailer is still safe enough to withstand the added weight of hauling vehicles. If so, look for the following signs that your old trailer is no longer safe to have on the road and should be replaced.

Frame or Bed Is Warped

One sign for which to look when trying to decide whether your trailer is still safe for hauling cars is for any warpage in the frame or aluminum bed. If you do find that the trailer is warped, this could create a couple of safety issues.

First, if the bed or frame is warped or bent, the tires of the vehicle will probably not evenly come into contact with the bed's surface. When this happens, the vehicle's weight can shift when the car tilts toward the tire or tires that have space beneath it. This shifting could pull on the trailer, and subsequently, your towing truck, increasing the likelihood of an accident.

Second, if any bending or warping is present, your wheels are most likely not in alignment. Because these wheels are no longer aligned, the trailer will drag and pull to one side. This can make driving your towing vehicle more difficult or could cause you to lose control.

Rust Has Formed on the Wheel Axle

Another sign that your trailer is no longer safe for hauling vehicles is when you find rust on the wheel axle. When you haul a trailer, the weight of the trailer and the vehicle rests on the tow bar and the axle.

If rust has formed on the axle, its structural integrity may be compromised. If the metal has deep deterioration, it may not withstand the increased weight of the vehicle when the trailer bounces down after going over a bump. If the rust has caused any stress fractures in the metal, the axle could break, bringing the trailer bed down onto the pavement, as well as making you lose control while driving.

If your flatbed car trailer is exhibiting any of the signs above, you should be wary about using it anymore because it is most likely unsafe to take on the road. If you suspect this is the case and need to replace your flatbed car trailer, contact a dealer who has H and H trailers for sale, for sale to discuss your options so they can help you find the right one for your needs.