3 Things To Know About The Process Of Buying A Certified Pre-Owned Car

If you want to purchase the best possible vehicle, you are going to want to purchase a certified pre-owned car, also known as a CPO car. A CPO car is sold by a franchised new car dealership. These are the very best of the used-car market.

These vehicles represent the very best used car vehicle marketplace. A CPO car has undergone a detailed inspection by a factory-trained mechanic and has to pass that inspection in order to earn the CPO certification and the privilege of being sold with a manufacturer-backed warranty.

Thing #1: Make Sure You Understand the Warranty Program

Not every car dealership offers the same warranty protection for their CPO vehicles. When looking into what dealership you want to work with, you are going to want to make sure you compare the warranty terms.

When comparing the warranty terms, you want to look at how long the warranty is, how many miles the warranty will cover, and what parts the warranty will cover. Ideally, you want to look for a program that offers a bumper-to-bumper warranty, with a possible extended warranty on the powertrain.

Be sure to verify how long the warranty lasts, and when the warranty started. If the car is only a few years old, the new vehicle warranty should transfer to you, along with a warranty provided by the CPO program as well.

Thing #2: Look Up the Pricing for a CPO Car

When it comes to looking up the fair market price of a CPO vehicle, you are going to want to make sure you look at the CPO pricing. This is going to be different than the general price for the exact same used car because a CPO car has a higher value than a regular used car, as the warrant provides extra value.

When comparing the value of the vehicle from one dealership to another, you are going to want to make sure you look at the CPO value, not the general value.

Thing #3: Look at the Inspection Report

When you find the vehicle you are interested in purchasing, you should ask to see the mechanic's inspection report. The mechanic's inspection report will let you see the condition each part of the car is in.

For example, it will provide you with details such as how thick the brake pads are. This information will let you know what parts may need to be replaced soon. You can use the information in the mechanic's report to help you negotiate a better price on the vehicle.

If you are interested in purchasing a CPO vehicle, look into the different warranty programs offered by various dealerships to find the best warranty program for your needs. Use pricing information about CPO used cars, not general used cars, to determine if you are being offered a fair price on the vehicle.

Read the inspection report on the vehicle you want to buy as well; this will let you know if you have any leveraging power over the purchase price of the vehicle.

For more information on CPO vehicles, reach out to a used car dealership in your area.